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Gateway Simulation


The Gateway simulation entails a team of four students working together to move an established restaurant to a foreign country . For the duration of the project students will participate in active research and development and be able to meet with the business partners. Through the experience, students will also learn the importance of the 4 P's; Product, place, price, and promotion. 

For my personal experience my group (Coast to Coast Int.) was given the mission to move the restaurant Mama's all the way to a specific location in Colombia. In order to successfully execute this simulation we had to do a variety of different research tasks. This included understanding  the market environment in Colombia, the ways of distribution, the

countries background, the target market, and obviously being very familiar with Mama's itself. 

What is the Gateway Simulation? 

Our Mission:
Our mission at Coast to Coast is to help our customers expand their business around the world by creating innovative strategies that allow their products to reach as many people as possible. 


Other Documents 


Throughout the Gateway Simulation I was really able to improve my capabilities not only as a student, but also as a person. As this was one of the biggest projects of the year, I was certainly able to grow within my public speaking skills and talking in front of a panel of judges really put me to the test. Additionally, since my Freshmen year was one of the Covid years I believe it was a really valuable experience to have. There were multiple instances where we had to adjust on the fly within certain aspects of this project. For example, practicing presentations over Zoom, being in a class 6 feet away from your partners, and presenting with a mask on your face at all times. 

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